Список книг по английской истории

Список книг по английской истории

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The Plantagenet Chronicles / Ed. Hallam E. London, 1988.

Chronicles of the Age of Chivalry / Ed. Hallam E. London, 1987.

The Chronicles of the Wars of the Roses / Ed. Hallam E. London, 1988.

Hill C. Reformation to Industrial Revolution. Harmondaworth, 1967.

Hobsbawm E. J. The Age of Empire 1875–1914. London, 1968.

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LaingL. The Origin of Britain. London, 1980.

The Chronicles of the Tudor Kings / Ed. Loades D. London, 1990.

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Morgan K. O. The People’s Peace. Oxford, 1990.

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Porter B. The Lion’s Share. London, 1984.

ReadD. England 1868–1914. London, 1974.

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Wood A. Nineteenth Century Britain 1815–1914. Harlow, 1982.