Рекомендуемая литература

Рекомендуемая литература

BINFORD, LEWIS R. 1978. Nunamiut Ethnoarchaeology. Orlando, FL: Academic Press. A descriptive monograph about ethnoarchaeology among caribou hunters. A must for the serious student.

–. 2001. In Pursuit of the Past. Rev. ed. New York: Thames and Hudson. Includes an account of living archaeology and middle-range theory for a more general audience. Strongly recommended for beginners.

COLES, JOHN M. 1979. Archaeology by Experiment. London: Heinemann. An introduction to experimental archaeology with numerous examples, mainly from the Old World.

DAVID, NICHOLAS, and CAROL KRAMER, eds. 2001. Ethnoarchaeology in Action. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. An important collection of essays covering new ethnoarchaeological research worldwide.

HODDER, LAN, ed. 1982. Symbols in Action. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Ethnoarchaeological studies in tropical Africa that are used to support a structural and symbolic approach to archaeology.

YELLEN, JOHN E. 1977. Archaeological Approaches to the Present: Models for Predicting the Past. Orlando, FL: Academic Press. Ethnoarchaeology among the San of the Kalahari Desert. A technical work with broad implications.

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